30 Back to School Outfits to Refresh Your Look

Girls, the holiday is over and the school starts again. It’s time for a fresh start and a great chance to refresh your look! Whether it’s your first year or last year at school, high school or college, we’re sure you’ll find the outfit for every style. We’ve put together the best back to school outfits for you with the best trends and styles this year. With these new and stylish outfits, your style will definitely be improved and everyone will be amazed by your look!

Without further ado, here are the 30 back to school outfits we’ve put together for you to refresh your look at school!

1. Back To School Outfit with Oversized Plaid Shirt

Outfits with oversized pieces are one of the best trends of this year! Here’s an outfit with an oversized plaid top over a white tee. Last but not least, denim is every year’s and every style’s trend! A black denim skirt surely completes this outfit with style!

Back To School Outfits

2. 90S Outfit for School

Do you like the 90s and vintage fashion? If your answer is yes, this outfit is definitely for you! Black and white go so well together as you can see in this outfit.

Outfits for School

3. Cute Outfit for Girls

Jeans with a black belt and white tee with a sports jacket. Colors on top are so great.

Cute Outfits for School


4. First Day of School Outfit

Ripped denim pants with white sneakers combo is another great simple way to add style to your outfit. And, the purple top and the navy jacket also look great!

First Day of School Outfits

5. Cute Spring Style

Here’s another plain and cute outfit for you! A blue jacket over a grey tee and black pants with white sneakers. To add more style -and of course, keep your items- you can take a cute little shoulder bag.

Back To School Clothes

6. Black Overall Outfit

Black Overall Outfits for School

7. Comfy Tied T-Shirt Style

Comfy Outfits for School

8. Simple Blue Jeans Outfit

Simple Outfits for School

9. Checkered Dress

Dress Outfits for School

10. Sexless Outfit Ideas

Sexless Outfits for School

11. Ripped Black Denim Outfit

Black Jeans Outfits for School

12. High School Style

Outfits for High School

13. Cool Crop Top and Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights Outfits for High School

14. Cute and Comfy Style for Curvy Girls

School Outfits for Curvy Girls

15. Retro Street Style

Retro Street Style Outfits for School

16. Casual Style

Every-Day Outfits for School

17. Adorable Shirt

Cute Outfits for School

18. Ripped Jeans Look

Ripped Jeans Outfits for School

19. Mom Jeans 90s Style

Mom Jeans Outfits for School

20. Hoodie Outfit

Hoodie Outfits for School

21. Plaid Pants Look

Plaid Pants Outfits for School

22. Low Budget Cute Outfit for Girls

Cute Crop T-Shirt Outfits for School

23. Black Tight Style

Black Tight Outfits for School

24. All Ripped Black Jeans

All Ripped Jeans Outfits for School

25. Cute Skirt Outfit

Cute Skirt Outfits for School

26. White and Blue Color Match

Blue Jeans Outfits for School

27. Basic T-Shirt Style

Simple T-Shirt Outfits for School

28. Leggings Outfit for School

Leggings Outfits for School

29. Cutest Striped Dress

Striped Dress Outfits for School

30. Cute Hairstyle and Outfit Idea

Cute Hairstyle and Outfits for School

Girls, which outfit is your favorite? Tell us below. If you want more outfits for school, you can click here!

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