Tokyo Street Style Outfits with 20 Quite Different Examples

Tokyo is a wonderful city where you can see the most unusual outfit examples! Models and colors that you cannot dare to wear are freely and exposed in this city!

Tokyo street style outfits have a most striking outfit trend: Kimonos. Kimono style’s influence from beaches to the street style the last season didn’t take long. While Kimono style colorize the streets, it also combined daily outfits with stylish look of shabby clothes. Japanese style is alive and kicking in new season. Kimonos, obi belts, metallic color fabrics, plenty of blouses, tight skirts, and many more!

From the beginning of 2019, plus size and oversized cuts, long coats, high waisted skirts and checkered pattern are trending. Japanese street fashion with most colorful pictures!

1. Tokyo Gang Street Style Trend

If you want to look like the troubled girls of Tokyo streets with your friends, here’s the perfect gang!

Tokyo Street Style

2. Japan Street Look

Just say “I found a normal outfit”, but the Marilyn Manson T-shirt changes all your mind. 🙂 Behind a cute look, you can prove that you are a bad-ass girl!

Tokyo Street Style 2019

3. Japanese Fashion Traditional Look

A great Kimono outfit example that an absolutely cool alternative, especially in winter and spring season. These japanese want to hide their cuteness, i guess 🙂

Tokyo Street Style Outfit Ideas


4. Tokyo Vintage Look Street Style Outfit

Tokyo Street Style Outfits

5. Every-Day Comfy Outfit Idea

Street Style Outfits Tokyo

6. Pretty Blue Dress Look

Tokyo Street Style Pretty Look2019-6

7. Wide Leg Pants and Platform Sandals

Wide Leg Pants Tokyo Street Style 2019-7

8. Unique Look Street Style

Unique Tokyo Street Style 2019-8

9. Fishnet Tights Outfit

Tokyo Street Style Fishnet Tights-9

10. Light Brown Colors

Light Brown Tokyo Street Style 2019-10

11. Skirt and Denim Jacket Style

Tokyo Street Style 2019 Skirt and Denim Jacket-11

12. Tulle Skirt Street Style Outfit

Tulle Skirt Tokyo Street Style 2019-12

13. Classic Trench Coat

Classic Tokyo Street Style 2019-13

14. Denim Skirt High Waist

Denim Skirt Tokyo Street Style 2019-14

15. Buffalo Shoes Sporty Look

Buffalo Shoes Tokyo Street Style 2019-15

16. Soft Grunge Ripped Jean Outfit

Soft Grunge Tokyo Street Style 2019-16

17. Long Cardigan Tokyo Street Style

Long Cardigan Tokyo Street Style 2019-17

18. Tokyo Fashion Week Spring

Tokyo Fashion Street Style 2019-18

19. Maxi Skirt and Ankle Boots

Tokyo Street Style Maxi Skirt 2019-19

20. Over-Sized Shirt and High Knee Socks Trend

Tokyo Over-Sized Shirt Street Style 2019-20

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